Project definition of ‘Family’


Family may be defined in terms of strongly supportive, long-term roles and relationships between people who may or may not be related by blood. For this project, there should be at least one person under 18.

Refugee and asylum-seeking families have often experienced trauma and sometimes enforced separation that impacts on their relationships. The project seeks to help family members to build and maintain their relationships with each other using therapy through the medium of horticulture.

Referral criteria

a)    Potential clients must be either refugees or people seeking asylum and a member of a family with a person under 18

b)    The project is for families where one or more individuals experience mental health difficulties that seem linked to their experiences of being a refugee such as severe mood disturbances, severe symptoms of the psychological effects of trauma or severe psychosomatic symptoms that interfere with their functioning to the extent family relationships are affected. We would not normally see individuals with psychosis unless under a psychiatrist or previously assessed and referred by a psychiatrist. We might refer to a psychiatrist or other health professional for further assessment if concerned about an individual’s health. This would not necessarily prevent ongoing work with FRSP.   

c)    Potential clients will be assessed on their interest in improving relationships and functioning in the family

d)    Potential clients will be assessed on their capacity/willingness to attend weekly for therapeutic support in a garden or allotment setting. 

Who can refer?

a)    Any professional working with child or parent

b)    Self referrals (Anyone making a self-referral should be aware the assessment process will involve contact with the family G.P. where there is one, and / or other health professionals involved with the family).

What’s on offer?

  • Clients will receive counselling, support and access to land for between one and three years. Clients may decide to train and volunteer as peer mentors supporting the men's and women's groups after they finished therapy
  • Weekly counselling whilst working on the land
  • Access to a horticultural advice and guidance
  • Help with practical issues (this includes; support in securing legal advice, education and training, benefits and asylum support issues).

Who we work with 
  • Clients who meet the project referral criteria (see above)       
  • Clients who have complex difficulties and a need for longer term counselling. As the project’s resources are limited, people who may benefit from shorter-term therapeutic work, or who can access or are accessing therapy elsewhere will be signposted elsewhere for help.

Who we don’t work with 
  • Clients who are receiving ongoing counselling elsewhere    
  • Single people without children
  • People who are not refugees or seeking asylum
  • People who are unable to commit to weekly sessions        
  • People who have not experienced trauma·        
  • People who do not require long-term counselling

To make a referral, please contact us and we will send you a referral pack.