Services We Offer

The project's aims are to improve the mental and physical health of families, to increase their levels of physical activity, their independence, their social networks and integration.

Our project activities include:

  • Weekly therapy with a counsellor specialising in trauma work, in an outside space, with support from a horticulturist. Each family has their own piece of land to plan, plant, tend and harvest. Qualified and experienced counsellors work with a horticulturist and interpreters to support clients in using their growing spaces as a medium for therapy, and for recreation and involvement with family members and others. The garden and allotments provide for an approach that is not limited to words, and allows for access from people of diverse cultures, faiths and backgrounds. 
  • Support in accessing mainstream services
  • Regular reviews
  • Weekly Tuesday drop-ins for project clients and ex-clients to share and get involved in a range of activities

If you are interested in making a referral, please ring us on 0151-728-9340, or email using the form on t
he contact us page.
  • Assessment by a Counsellor at our main office
  • Each family is provided with a piece of land, tools and practical support from our horticulturists
  • Regular family reviews and group meetings
  • Women's counselling group and activities as well as a dedicated women's allotment garden, with support from a female horticulturist