Our Beginnings

The Family Refugee Support Project grew out of concern among local health professionals with the levels distress carried by refugee and asylum seeking families

The Project received Health Action Zone funding from October 1999 until March 2003. Initially, the Royal Liverpool Children’s Trust administered the Project.  Links were also made with the Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture in London (now Freedom from Torture), who were running the Natural Growth Project, a horticultural therapy service.


In the years since its inception, FRSP has evolved from its health service beginnings to being an independently registered charity. It is based within the Dingle multi-agency resource centre (DMAC) at the former Toxteth Town Hall, Liverpool 8.

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to supporting refugees and asylum seekers who have experienced trauma to regain their mental health and family well-being through therapy and horticulture, in order for them to achieve settlement and independence in the UK. 



We help people to empower themselves by
listening, reflecting, understanding and responding.


We strive to be inclusive, acting with
respect, treating people equally and fairly, and recognising the whole person
within the family context.


We work together with
people to restore their health and wellbeing, promote their human rights, and
regain their confidence and autonomy.